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Experiences of yacht charter in Croatia

My family members and I have planned to visit the most renowned tourist places in Croatia during the first half of our summer holidays. We have decided to compare the world famous tour operators for selecting an ideal cruise in Croatia. We felt amazed with loads of choices while seeking out of the ordinary yacht available at the most competitive price. We have selected the most wonderful yacht and booked the right cruise for exploring islands and remarkable cities of Croatia. Everyone of my family has packed all essential things and explored a wide range of issues throughout the sightseeing in Croatia. They were happy from the beginning to end of our tourism in this country as I enjoyed. In the following details, I explain about how we enjoyed our sightseeing in more than a few notable places in this country.


Dubrovnik is known for the most favourable climate, architectural heritage and a huge list of tourist places. We have visited this city on the third day. We have enjoyed our breakfast and lunch in leading hotels in this city. Meanwhile, we have visited Rector's Palace and Sponza Palace. All these historic buildings surprised us by their outstanding architecture and inspiring antique things preserved by the local government. We felt fulfilled when we visit the Franciscan Monastery's library located in this city. This was because this library supported us to be aware of the history and culture.


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Yacht Charter in Croatia

On the first day of our tourism in Croatia (Croatian), we have arrived at Korcula and explored this island as per the complete guidance from a qualified tourist guide. We were surprised with a wide range of tourist places and opportunities for tourism in this island. We spent hours of time in diving, sunbathing and swimming in this island as we have decided. My family members were realized their imaginations about the most enjoyable tourism in the beautiful island. They encouraged me to spend more than a few couple of hours in this island and do other activities like shopping beyond what we have planned. This was because this island's attractive elements in every place.


An outstanding tourism in Lastovo on the second day of cruise satisfied everyone in my family especially children. This island has more than a few churches and historic places to explore throughout a year. We have visited the most renowned historic buildings and surprised with Venetian architecture in this island. We were happy to visit other tourist places such as Biza Antica house. The ornate chimney in this house built in 16th century. Struga Lighthouse was built in 1839. We visited this lighthouse and shared our tourism experiences in these places with our friends by uploading photos on the social network. Our tourist guided supported us for enjoying sightseeing in daytime and party in hours of darkness. We felt pleased and surprised with friendly support from residents and other tourists in this beautiful island.


On the third day of our tourism in Croatia, we have arrived at Split. We have planned to make use of the best yacht charter and realized our plan. We took advantage of each opportunity from the arrival to end of our sightseeing in Split. We have seen many attractive things and visited the most recommended tourist places in this town. The first place we have visited in this town was Diocletian's Palace. More than 200 buildings in remains of renowned palace sprawling in this town satisfy all players. We have bought some products and accessories when we visited the local market in this town.

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